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A Crazy Year for Sure

A Crazy Year for Sure

Posted by on Tuesday 22 December 2015 in Blog |

Starlet Coral, Day Fluorescing, Palau, Rock Islands-World Herititage Site, Micronesia

Starlet Coral, Day Fluorescing, Palau, Rock Islands-World Heritage Site, Micronesia

Well, my lack of posting requires a serious apology.  Between, travel, product development, lots of snow, teaching and training commitments and just general craziness, I have been busy.  I became a PADI Master Instructor, Handicapped Scuba Association Course Director and SSI Instructor Trainer.

Working with noted pro photographer Stuart Westmorland on a recent trip to Palau, we developed techniques for daytime fluo photography as well as wide angle and fish-eye work.  We have submitted articles to a number of magazines that will publish in the coming weeks.

We have several new products that will post in the coming days and there is a new PADI Fluo Diver Distinctive Specialty course in the works that delves into day fluo diving and includes many things we’ve learned over the last couple years.

Also in the works is a course for SSI.  As noted I became an SSI Instructor Trainer in September and was asked to build the course from them.

The image above was taken at noon in 40 feet of water.

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