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Some news and some new stuff just released.

Posted by on Friday 20 October 2017 in Blog |

Wow- Crazy dayz as always.  It’s been a while since anything new was posted because of travel and product testing.  Bonaire, Curacao, The North Pole, Megladon Diving in North Carolina, The Red Sea so far, this year.  I leave for Malaysia in 3 days then off to Cozumel to round out 2017 then off to Fiji, Belize (yet again), The Maldives, Madagascar, Zanzibar and South Africa for 2018……so far!

I have posted a number of new customer images in the gallery.  Pages 12 and 13 are from Steve Kittrell and Alex Riberio.

New product releases:

Barrier Filter for the Saga Trio Macro Lens 


New mounting method for Ikelite DS160/161 strobe excitation filter


A new “generic” custom torch filter mount is also available.  This particular version was designed for a Hartenberger torch.


Exciting new torches for the entry level buyer

A low cost entry level narrow beam unit for Divemasters or dive guides.  This torch is also useful for spotting “targets” from a distance.


A wide beam version of the same body design.  This is great for the intro macro photographer or for use as a focus light on any configuration.


New high-power torch for the research community

              This new offering was requested by members of the research community doing climate change and coral health studies.  Extremely high power in white, red and blue light with a flip excitation filter for many combinations of light output.


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