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0270 (Medium)Photo Copyright 2014 Lynn Miner, Roatan Honduras

New Products, New Images, New Publications

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We had a very busy travel schedule in 2017 and 2018 looks to be even more crazy but it’s snowing in the Great Pacific Northwest right now (late January) and we can’t travel when the snow is 2 meters deep (I must keep the 1km long mountaintop driveway clear) so we try to catch up on a little news.  Off to Fiji in 3 weeks. We have added two new products from Snake River Prototyping.  A universal camera tray and a 55mm filter adapter for the GO Pro H5 You will notice on our home page image slider we are featuring images...

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Some news and some new stuff just released.

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Wow- Crazy dayz as always.  It’s been a while since anything new was posted because of travel and product testing.  Bonaire, Curacao, The North Pole, Megladon Diving in North Carolina, The Red Sea so far, this year.  I leave for Malaysia in 3 days then off to Cozumel to round out 2017 then off to Fiji, Belize (yet again), The Maldives, Madagascar, Zanzibar and South Africa for 2018……so far! I have posted a number of new customer images in the gallery.  Pages 12 and 13 are from Steve Kittrell and Alex Riberio. New product...

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Language Translator

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This morning we installed a new language translator plugin.  This performs machine translation so it is likely not totally accurate.  If you use this feature, please contact us to let us know if it works fairly well or is horrible so we can either fix it or remove the feature.

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New FireDiveGear / SeaLife Torch

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SeaLife has provided the following Press Release for the new Dual Beam Blue/White light fluo torch co-developed by FireDiveGear and SeaLife.  This will soon be in our online catalog (once I take the time to make the product page) but it’s available for sale now at $499.  Click on the link below for full details. SL Press Release This torch has amazing performance and there is NOTHING on the market like it at any price. Contact us if you want one....

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New PADI Fluorescence Photographer Course Approved and Available

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We have finally finished our PADI Fluo Photographer course.  This is a companion course to our popular fluo DIVER course which delves into the science of fluo diving.  Fluo photography is dramatically different from regular underwater white light photography in both equipment and technique.  This course material will walk you through how to get good images from the start using proven methods gathered from pros around the world.  If you are a PADI instructor who wants to teach this program, contact us.  If you’re a...

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Clearing the Shelves

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Check out the prices on all of our torches.  We are clearing the inventory.  We have huge price reductions. We have inked an agreement with SeaLife to manufacture FDG designed torches that are dual mode (White and Blue) in one unit.  See here for an early press release.   These torches will also be featured on all boats of the Aggressor fleet worldwide.  We are also working on a couple of OEM designs to better meet the needs of dive...

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DAN Industry Partner

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I’m excited to announce that FireDiveGear is now a Divers Alert Network (DAN) Industry Partner. DAN is the premier dive insurance agency in the world and we are proud to be part of their team.  

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Yet another insanly busy and tragic year

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Of course as many of you know we lost our dear friend and colleague Stuart Westmorland this year (detailed in an earlier post.  We have been traveling almost constantly testing new products that will be released very soon. Florida cave training in Jan Belize in Feb and Mar Tobago in Apr/May The Philippines in May/June Cozumel July Iceland July Indonesia Aug/Sept Heart surgery in October Getting “back on the horse” in November to Sri Lanka During this October “break”, we have made a number of enhancements to the site....

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Bargain Discount Center

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We have added a new page under our product information menu called Bargain Discount Center.  Go there to find clearance items at significant discounts.

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We have lost a dear friend and colleague

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I am sad to report that our dear friend, colleague, member of the FireDiveGear Team and one of the finest human beings to ever walk the face of the earth – Stuart Westmorland died very suddenly.  The loss is profound not only to his family, friends and associates but to the world at large.  Stuart was always there to help, guide, coach and just have a smile.  He was a consummate professional and his photographic work graced the covers of over 200 magazines around the world.  He was the recipient of many awards and accolades for his work...

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