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Blue Extreme Torch Kit

$699.00 $449.00

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This torch is our new “Big Dog” unit emitting a whopping 50 watts of power in the blue portion of the spectrum.  With the 150 degree beam angle and flat/uniform image intensity, this torch can light up the entire reef for amazing wide angle and distance shots.  Obviously you need the clear water visibility to achieve that but if you do, this torch can handle it.

This is a canister style setup that uses a standard ball mount for the head and the battery pack can be mounted on your BCD or any other place on your body.  We also make a ball mount assembly for the battery pack to mount on the camera.  This is a custom piece so contact us if you have interest in that type of battery pack mounting.

The unit includes high energy density lithium ion batteries good for about 2-3 hours depending on the brightness setting, a charger and aluminum carrying case.

It has a magnetic switch with three intensity levels so there is no “twist to flood” switch mechanism to worry about.

Depth rated to 100 meters

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