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Mask Strap Wrappers


Mask strap wrappers made from fluorescent neoprene.


Mask strap wrappers are made from fluorescent neoprene and serve multiple purposes: wrapped around the filter’s and your dive mask’s straps at the same time, they prevent you from losing the filter during the dive.

Losing the filter can be a common occurrence when performing a Giant Stride Entry.  Since the wrappers are equipped with Velcro along one edge, they can be opened and closed easily, without having to detach the mask’s and filter’s straps every time. Wrapped around the filter when stored or traveling, they protect the filter against scratches and other damages. Thanks to their different fluorescent colors, they can also be used to identify divers or buddy teams (with the same color) at a glance during a fluo-dive.

Available colors:
fluorescent orange, fluorescent green.


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