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FDG/Riff TL3000BE Torch Kit

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Firedivegear and Riff in Germany co-developed this torch.   This is the prefect unit for dive guides or divers just interested in viewing fluorescence.   It CAN of course be used for photography but due to the limited beam angle it’s best suited for macro work only.

Technical Data:
3 x Blue CREE XP-E LED
Duration: at 100% 90 min, Strobe function 240 min
Beam angle: 8 °
26650 lamp body: Anodised aluminium, battery designed to prevent overcharging and reverse polarity protection (included)
Battery: 1 x LiLi-ion 26650 (18650 batteries can be used with a sleeve spacer readily available on the web)
Waterproof up to 60 m 180 feet depth
Approximate Dimensions: (L: 160 mm (Length) x 59 mm (head diameter) x 30 mm (lamp body)
Weight on land: approx. 280 g (without battery); 365 g (with battery), underwater: approx. 180 g (with battery)

This torch was designed to replace the Blue Ultra III.  The TL300BE is smaller, lighter, brighter and has a rechargeable battery and charger making the switch from the Blue Ultra a no brainer.

Battery / Charger
Extra O-Ring set

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