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Standard Mask Filters


Standard Mask Filter


Order the standard mask filters below or download the outline of our most generic mask filter (this is the same as the Aqualung Look mask filter), see photo above; print it without rescaling and check it against your mask to see if it fits (this filter has the largest surface area of all and should fit the greatest number of masks, except maybe those masks whose nose pocket is very broad, or single-lens masks).

  • Generic (AquaLung Look)
  • ScubaPro Cool Vu
  • ScubaPro Crystal Vu+
  • ScubaPro Orbit
  • ScubaPro Scout
  • ScubaPro Solara
  • ScubaPro Solo
  • ScubaPro TruFit
  • SubGear
  • Tusa Liberator

Price includes standard elastic band strap with clips and wrapper
(see photos on the above).

Price: $35

If you have a mask that is not on the above list, we offer custom mask filters that can be ordered here.

The price for a custom filter with strap and wrapper is $45

Each mask filter comes with a mask strap wrapper for preventing loss under water and for protection during transport and storage above water. Without the wrapper you will lose your mask filter in no time (speaking from our own dire experience, and that of many of our customers)!

Beware: Do not don your mask with the mask filter already in place (over your mask), but instead leave the mask filter dangling on top of your head (secured by the mask strap wrapper).  Place it over your mask only after putting on your mask over your face.  Do this by holding the filter at the outside ends (where the straps are) – otherwise you may break the mask filter (the narrow bridge above the nose must not be subjected to strong forces).  NEVER grab the filter in the center nose piece area.

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