General: provides you with high quality gear for fluorescence diving primarily for the small budget, with built-to-order gear for the same purpose to best suit your individual needs, and of course with lots of information and tips around fluorescence diving.

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Our philosophy:

Our most important motivation is to help you to experience the stunning and fantastic world of underwater fluorescence. 

Bonaire - Photo © 2013 B. Andre

We aim to be less expensive and yet to offer better value than other manufacturers.

Contrary to most other vendors we experiment a lot and test our own gear extensively in order to fine-tune it for optimal results. See for example our collection of beamshot videos.

We do this out of passion for underwater fluorescence and for fun, never mind the costs.
This would simply be too expensive for other manufacturers to do.

Important Shop Information (Read Me First):

The state-of-the-art technique for observing underwater fluorescence uses blue light, not ultraviolet (UV) or black light (see UV vs. blue for the reasons why).

The minimum equipment you will need in order to observe underwater fluorescence is:

  1. A blue light dive torch.
  2. A yellow mask filter.

This is because unlike UV, blue light is not invisible to the human eye; without the filter you will therefore not be able to see the fluorescence.

Also Recommended:

  1. A mask strap wrapper is highly recommended.
  2. A camera filter for photography or filming.

When using strobes you will also need:

  1. Strobe filters.

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Please note that our torches and filters are carefully tuned to complement and match each other's properties. Mixing fluorescence diving equipment from different manufacturers is therefore likely to give frustrating results.

The photo at the top right shows a fluorescent coral.

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Some items are available from both locations.
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