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Science of FluoDiving

Night dives with a UV/blue torch for viewing bio-fluorescence, the property of some marine life to re-emit light with a longer wavelength (of visible light) when illuminated with (nearly invisible) UV/blue light. In the following sections we will explain the science behind underwater fluorescence in general as well as the science behind our products in particular.


What is the allure?

The sight is magical, enchanting - as if the underwater life was actively shining like neon signs in the dark, or like a psychedelic disco. It is discovering a hidden world behind a hidden world.

A great deal of research has gone into the development of these products and we are certain you will enjoy the results of your fluo diving experience. Fire Dive Gear prides itself on offering some of the finest quality dive gear and photography products at the most reasonable prices. All our fluo diving hardware is fine-tuned against calibrated instrumentation, machined at close tolerance and uses the highest quality LED's and filter materials available. We offer custom mask filters and made-to-order camera and strobe filters.


Fluorescent Anemone in Roatan, Honduras

The photo shows a fluorescent anemone. Copyright 2014 Lynn Miner : Roatan Honduras

What is fluorescence diving?

The purpose of this discussion is to present the science (at a very cursory level) behind how our products work in terms of causing corals and other sea creatures to fluoresce. A few technical terms have been included in this text so the more advanced reader can refer to their search engine of choice and delve deeper into the technical aspects of this science. However, we have tried to keep the hypertechnoverbalizationalisms ๐Ÿ˜‰ to a minimum for the lay reader.


Here is the table of contents for the science information on this site. It is designed in a way to describe the whole process of fluorescent diving from start to finish. 

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