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Training Courses

We have produced a Fluorescence Diver Distinctive Specialty Course for PADI.  This is the most widely used fluo diving course in the world.  To become an instructor for this program, go to the Contact Page and we will give the the required documents and procedures to get certified to teach this specialty.

If you are a diver, contact your local dive shop, dive center or tour operator for information on how to become a certified fluorescence night diver.  There's a great deal more to it than meets the eye and requires special training and perfect buoyancy skills to prevent damage to yourself and to the reef.

This course was written by Lynn Miner, PADI Master Instructor. 

Working with noted photographer Stuart Westmorland, we have changed the name of this course from Fluo "Night" Diver to simply Fluo Diver.  We have developed techniques and equipment that allows you to do fluo diving in many daylight conditions!


New and greatly enhanched Ver. 3 Student Manual


New Enhanced Instructor Manual

We are proud to announce the completion of the PADI Fluorescence Photographer Distinctive Specialty Course.  This has been a long time coming.  Fluo photography is much different than regular white light photography and we get questions nearly every day about the best configuration, settings, techniques and approach.  We have culminated the advice and suggestions from pros from all over the world and put it in a single reference document.  The course covers safety, equipment, settings, techniques, stills, video, macro, wide-angle, maintenance and much more with in depth techniques on daytime fluo photography.  It’s not just for night time anymore!

This course is a companion to our very popular PADI Fluorescence Diver Distinctive Specialty and just like that course the photography Instructor Guide is available free to any qualified PADI instructor.  We do however require the purchase of at least two student manuals because it’s very difficult to use the instructor outline without the student manual.  Use the Contact Us link for further information.

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