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Custom Mask Filters


Custom Mask Filters


Over the years we have developed an extensive library of mask filter designs.  However, we occasionally get a request for something we’ve never seen before.  This poses absolutely no problem as long as you submit the required information as outlined below.  We use your artwork to generate a CAD drawing to feed to the laser cutting machine.  Therefore the quality of your image and the accuracy of the scales you provide will determine how well the shape you submit will fit your mask.

How to submit your mask shape for a
custom cut mask filter:

Step 1: On a piece of paper, draw the outline of your mask
(see example image above).

Step 2: Write the make and model of your mask inside the outline
(see example image above).

Step 3: In two places (one vertical and one horizontal),
use a ruler and draw two scales (see example image above).

The scale can be in inches or metric but it is important to make a mark at zero and another at 6 inches or 15 cm. It is very important to include this. Some scanners, some printers, and some software will “scale” the image up or down to fit the format. This wreaks havoc at our end when trying to do the laser artwork. By placing accurate scales on your page, we can then use our software’s scaling features to properly size the image in the laser.

Step 4: Scan the image and save it as a PDF document.  Alternatively, if you have no scanner, simply mail it to us.

Step 5: Submit the saved PDF document via email to firedivegear@gmail.com.

Price: $35 per piece for the filter and strap.  $45 for the filter, strap and strap wrapper which is HIGHLY recommended to prevent loss of the filter into the abyss.

The same principles apply of course to cut-to-measure filters for cameras, strobes and torches, or mounts.

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