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Dichroic Filters

Dichroic Filters – Our dichroic excitation filters are cutom made using Boro glass in 1.7mm and 3.3mm thicknesses. These are done in a high temperature – vacuum deposition chamber where 30 – 40 layers of Titanium Oxide are deposited on the glass one atomic layer at a time. It’s a very precise and time consuming process. Please allow 3-4 weeks for a custom filter.


23mm x 10mm rectangle$33.00
30mm x 10mm rectangle$34.00
28mm x 11mm rectangle$35.00
33mm x 12mm rectangle$36.00
25mm diameter to 38mm diameter$39.00
39mm diameter to 50mm diameter$54.00
51mm diameter to 59mm diameter$57.00
60mm diameter to 70mm diameter$67.00
71mm diameter to 87mm diameter$85.00
88mm diameter to 99mm diameter$97.00
100mm diameter$100.00
Greater than 100mmprice on request
Custom shapes (examples see image)price on request

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